About Secrets Savored

Secrets Savored is a ministry that desires to change the course of young lives, homes, and marriages through not only teaching practical helps, but also through teaching young people how to study, apply, and love God’s word.

Secrets Savored is a discipling ministry based on Titus 2:4-6, which says: “that they [older women] admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed. Likewise, exhort the young men to be sober-minded” (NKJV). This ministry was birthed as a direct result of a desire God placed within Dianne and Mark’s hearts to reach young couples for Christ using practical means.  The study Secrets Savored  teaches young women how to be keepers of the home. As a result of this study, the lives and homes of many single, engaged, and young married women have been impacted.

Through the their involvement with young couples, they have come to realize that many men and women do not fully understand their God-given role within marriage. Spiritual leadership has not been modeled or taught to the young men of this generation; they have no idea what it should look like. Likewise, young women are unaware and uninformed as to the role of being a helpmate and encourager to their husband. A study for teaching young men practical aspects of keeping a home and what spiritual headship looks like within a Christian marriage is on the horizon.

Secrets Savored Board

God has assembled a great team behind Secrets Savored.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join or begin a Secrets class?

We would love for you to be a part of the Secrets Ministry! Check to see if your church is offering a Secrets Savored class. If not, consider starting one!

Find a Class

How can I start a Secrets class in my church or in my community?

•  A willing heart; a desire to invest in the lives of young women; experience as a wife, homemaker, and mother.
• Purchase the Secrets Savored Leader Guide which is complete with lesson plans for 8-10 weeks of instruction.
• Purchase the Secrets Savored Student Notebook which is a companion guide for those young women participating in the class.
• Use the free Promo DVD to introduce the young women within your church or community to the ministry.

How can I recruit the mature women needed to implement this ministry to young women?
Have a coffee or tea and invite more mature women. Share your heart as to your desire to reach young women and then introduce them to the ministry through the material offered and the viewing of the Promo DVD. Invite a young woman to share her desire to be mentored in the areas of being a godly woman, wife and keeper of her home
How do we reach the young women?
  • Pray them in! From a practical perspective, go where they are!
  • Place the Secrets flyers provided on this website’s resource page, in the young married and nursery areas of your church, your church website, post on Social Media, on bulletin boards in local grocery stores, at local YMCA’s, and Mothers Day Out programs. Target neighborhoods consisting of young families. For reaching single young women, place flyers on bulletin boards at local colleges, in the college and single areas of your church, local grocery stores and workout facilities in your community.
  • Visit classes or small groups within your church and tell the young women about the ministry and invite them to be a part and to bring a friend!
What tips would you give for having a successful Secrets ministry?
  • Start slowly. When beginning, do not try to implement four classes, start with one or two and establish these classes before adding any additional classes. We started with two classes, a nighttime and a daytime class. We offered these for two years before adding any additional classes.
  • Meet in a host home. This creates a much more inviting atmosphere and is less intimidating. We have found the young women love to be in the homes of the more mature women. Most home kitchens are equipped with everything needed to instruct the classes.
  • BE REAL! BE OPEN! BE TRANSPARENT! No one likes a phony! If you want to reach young women and have an impact on their lives, you must be genuine! We have all made mistakes along the way. The young women need to know that. Perhaps they can learn from our mistakes and avoid some heartache along the way.
Do I have to love every aspect of homemaking or be a gourmet cook in order to be involved in the leadership of the Secrets ministry?
  • No! We are all gifted differently and that is what makes this ministry work so beautifully! Each mentor brings something different to the ministry.
  • Some women like baking, some cooking, some ironing, some sewing, some cleaning (hard to believe!), and some decorating. We all bring something unique to the table of ministry. That is what God intended.
  • This ministry is not about “perfection” but women with a genuine heart to mentor and disciple young women.
Do young women really want to be around older women?

Yes, they absolutely do! I wasn’t convinced of this until two things happened to help me see that young women desire and even long to be around, learn from, and have their lives impacted by women who are further down the road.

The first was an event, a Women’s Leadership Conference, where the attendees were given the option of choosing several breakout sessions. I selected a breakout on how to reach this current generation. As a part of the session, a young woman was interviewed, and what she said changed my mind on the question of whether or not they want to be around us. She said, “First of all, we want to know if they (older Christian women) are real. They go to church, they say they are Christians, but does their life reflect it? Do they give to the poor, sacrifice for the needs of others? Secondly, we want to be in their homes. We want to see how this Christian life is lived out.”

I left that breakout session convinced that God was onto something in placing the Secrets ministry in my heart. He used that session to confirm the great need and desire for this ministry in the lives of young women. The second thing God has used to convince me of the necessity of this ministry is the evidence of the changed lives of the young women who have participated since we began five years ago. God knows the needs of the young women of today. They desperately need godly role models, not perfect older women- just willing older women!